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Inquisitor - Multiple Choice Question Engine (Under Development)

An adaptable Engine for operating multiple choice question questionnaires on any windows PC with fully customisable appearance possible for each question, customisable scoring for every question, multiple questionnaires each with multiple sets of questions with automatic random and condition based question and question set selection. The engine also includes built in statistical processing and exporting data for external processing in both identifiable and anonymous forms and network functionality allowing operation on multiple computers with a central database storing all questions and answers. The engine is fully compatible with TouchScreens and can be used on computers without the requirement for keyboards or mice, and is therefore well suited to kiosk based questionnaires.


  • Skining - Allowing Customizable Appearance
  • Multiple Questionnaires - Can Present Different Questionnaires on Demand
  • User Tracking - Can Collect Data on answers for individual users
  • Client/Server - Can Have Client and Server on Same or Different Computers allowing Central Set of Questions used on multiple computers
  • Built In Statistical Analysis
  • Supports Exporting Data for External Processing
  • Supports Anonymous Data


Windows 2000/XP/7